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  1. Electronics and Audio
    CarPlay box install, using the smokers pack 12v trim as a USB port for the OEM look! Ignore the screen as it requires a software update to work with the 7inch MMI on the Q3, also mapped the spare steering wheel button to switch between RADIO/MEDIA
  2. Electronics and Audio
    I'm looking to change the MMI language for someone to Chinese in his 2017 Q3. The only language options appearing are English, French, Spanish, and Portugese. Is there any way to add or change the system to Chinese? Thanks
  3. Electronics and Audio
    I am new to Audi. I recently purchased a 2017 Q3 and I'm trying to determine if the OS on the MMI can be upgraded/updated to a newer version. Can it be updated to a newer version that has Apple Carplay?
  4. Electronics and Audio
    I've seen a few people ask this already but never found an answer... Q3, switched on, engine running, radio on.... I turn the volume right down so there is no sound at all (or press the mute button on the steering wheel). Switch off engine and get out of the car. Next time I get in, the radio...
1-4 of 4 Results