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Owner Video Tutorials

Taking advantage of Audi's owner video tutorials that cover a range of important topics is one fast and easy way to working towards making the best of your Audi ownership experience.

Some great video tutorials from Audi :) Only posted 4 of 20+ tutorials that you'll find linked to right below this sentence.

Get the most from your Audi technology. Now you can learn about everything from BLUETOOTH pairing to the intuitive suspension of Audi drive select. Simply select the model, year and the topics that interest you. And you're ready to find all the answers.
Electromechanical Parking Brake

> View Video

Setting up Audi connect

> View Video


Gas Mileage

Keep track of your gas mileage and compare it to other Audi Q3 owners and their real-world reports here

Use this thread for reporting real-world gas mileage on your Audi Q3 model, make sure to state which engine you have along with any important details you feel necessary to state related to your MPG rating you report here.

To start, here's what one Audi Q3 owner has reported after 9500+ miles of driving:

2014 Audi Q3 2.0 TFSi
  • 26.1 Average MPG
  • 28.2 Best MPG (25/04/2014)
  • Total Miles Tracked: 9598 (19/12/2014)
*source: rudolphv | fuelly


EPA Estimates
  • City: 20mpg
  • Highway: 29mpg
  • Combined: 23mpg


Accessories Brochure

If you're looking for accessories, Audi has a wealth of them, from Audi key covers that add a personalized touch to your Audi Q3 key to necessities such as a paint protection film to help protect the front of your Q3 from rocks, bugs and more, Audi has it all...

While looking into OEM Audi accessories I can choose from before starting to look into what aftermarket parts makes have to offer, I came across the official Q3 accessories brochure!

The all-new Audi Q3 features a modern, sloping roofline with an urban attitude. Showcase your own style by adding Audi Genuine Sport and Design Accessories. All are carefully scrutinized in the design and development process. So while they're striking in appearance, they've also passed rigorous quality assessments. If you're looking off a bolder appearance or a finishing touch, there is an Audi designed solution that makes every mile more enjoyable and more yours.

- Audi USA

Maintenance Intervals

Keep on top of your Audi Q3's maintenance schedule with this Official Maintenance Interval Schedule:

For anyone that needs a quick and easy way to keep track of maintenance intervals... the PDF below outlines everything you need to know going up to 205,000 km/135,000 miles :)

2015 Audi Q3 Maintenance Intervals PDF:


Audi Library APP

If one main source that you can have easy access to through your smartphone, it doesn't get easier than with Audi's Library APP:

Another great place to get information on your Q3 is through Audi's Library APP. If you don't already have it installed to your iPhone or Android phone, links to both google and apple stores are below!

Welcome to the “Audi Library”. Consider it your official go-to source for everything the legendary automotive brand stands for. The highly innovative format gives you a variety of information about Audi, from our award-winning models to game-changing technology and more. The “Audi Library App” is your front-row seat to the exciting world of Audi.

The interactive nature of the app, as well as the compelling video content and engaging stories, makes this the only app bold enough for Audi.

Audi Q3 Recalls & Issues

Keeping on top of Recalls/Service Campaigns with a new vehicle as they're more prevalent can be easily done with the frequently updated Audi search tool:

Audi has an easy to use Recall/Service Campagin search tool, all it requires is your 17-character VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

Audi Recall/Service Campaign Lookup:

  • Recalls: Recalls address defects relating to motor vehicle safety, and non-compliances with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. In the interest of safety, any recall affecting your vehicle should be completed without delay.
  • Service Campaigns: Service campaigns address product technical issues not directly related to safety or compliance, and also can be emissions-related in scope. Service campaigns should be completed promptly in order to help prevent the problem from occurring in your vehicle.

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