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2015 Q3 is a Disappointment

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Helllo Q3 Forum Members,
After 7 years and 86K of the best car I ever owned, 2007 A3 Sportback, I purchased while still on the boat, one of first 2015 Q3 sold in USA. I quickly went from the best car ever owned to the worst car ever owned! My belief was that Audi's are built in Germany. False, This Q3 was assembled in Spain! Are all Q3s assembled in Spain? To be continued...........JAD
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My belief was that Audi's are built in Germany. False, This Q3 was assembled in Spain! Are all Q3s assembled in Spain? To be continued...........JAD
If you didn't know where it was made would it have changed your opinion? Try judging the car on it's own merits rather than by the people that assembled some of the parts. Besides, cars aren't made like they used to be with lots of human hands putting them together. They are made mostly by robots so unless you have a prejudice against machines or are buying a car for political reasons, I suggest you try to enjoy this fine example of engineering and design and forget about what country it was assembled in.

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Okay, whoa! We're all entitled to our opinions - right? I think getting into "prejudice" discussions is counter-productive...I get what he's saying about thinking he was getting a German-made car, but it isn't. Let's just hear what he has to say. Sheesh! 0:)>:D
I guess that sounded a little harsh. I meant it more in a humorous manor - i.e. Spanish robots should be the same as German robots. Oh well... The point is to judge the car first, don't just hate on it because of where it is made.

We know you're joking. I thought your post was in good taste and stated fairly well. Every robot needs love.
Hey...A Spanish robot walked into a bar...nobody understood it was in Germany. Uh oh...somebody stop me.
Hehe, your on a roll! I think your right... it might have just been to get a response from us... and it worked. :rolleyes:
Call me Butter............I'm on a roll.:D
Oh man... that's bad! I think you're our forum comic. ;)
Hello, Thanks for asking. Many issues. During acceleration the engine or transmission makes noise like a growling sound or a coffee grinder. The front doors are excessively hard to close from outside or inside. In the brochure ad copy states they are designed for best closing strength needed. Mine are not. Sometimes need 2 hands to pull it closed from inside. Outside can take several slams. Top of both front windows rattles when completely in up position. Wind noise from top of passenger side front window when fully up. Sometimes when shut off button pushed, the not in use windshield wipers contract downward. Sometimes when started the steering wheel moves sideways in a twitch movement. After being turned off, in about 3 seconds, there is a buzzing sound. ( Is this car haunted?) plastic trim between the doors front on both sides has etched lines about 1/4 in. from bottom, -----------, like these were line up positions when it was assembeled, but should not show now. Window trim on driver side rear window bottom is loose when touched. The Q3 was introduced in advertising as a "Crossover". In reaity , a SUV.
It rides stiffer than a truck. Has stiff - choppy steering. I have thought that this car was a practice car for the assembly line, and should not have been sold. -JAD

It sounds like you got a lemon there. I can tell you that mine has none of those issues. In fact the ease at which the door closes and how tight and solid everything is with no rattles etc is one of it's finer virtues.

The steering on mine is extremely soft. This has been a common complaint on some car review sites. I've never heard of anyone saying it was stiff though.

Your dealer should have taken care of these issues for you as they are definitely not normal.

Sounds like it was reconstructed. I guess it is the worst ride you ever had. Have it professionally inspected. Was it wrecked and resold? Sorry to hear this. Try taking it back or contacting corporate. Your Q is not right. And trust us...these Q's are a pleasure to own and drive.
I think you wanted to quote JAD but I agree completely!

Hi. I was quoting your first line. Never thought about reading the rest. 1 beer and
I'm visiting DisneyLand.
Hehe, I think I'm ready for DisneyLand too. Having a baby daughter has made me simple.
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