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2015 Q3 is a Disappointment

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Helllo Q3 Forum Members,
After 7 years and 86K of the best car I ever owned, 2007 A3 Sportback, I purchased while still on the boat, one of first 2015 Q3 sold in USA. I quickly went from the best car ever owned to the worst car ever owned! My belief was that Audi's are built in Germany. False, This Q3 was assembled in Spain! Are all Q3s assembled in Spain? To be continued...........JAD
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Helllo Q3 Forum Members,
After 7 years and 86K of the best car I ever owned, 2007 A3 Sportback, I purchased while still on the boat, one of first 2015 Q3 sold in USA. I quickly went from the best car ever owned to the worst car ever owned! My belief was that Audi's are built in Germany. False, This Q3 was assembled in Spain! Are all Q3s assembled in Spain? To be continued...........JAD
The worst car...having problems with it or you do not like it? Sorry to hear you do like like it.
Just curious....did you test drive one. Does it really matter where it was made?

My BMWX3 was build in the one of the Carolina's
My Pathfinder (I always wanted a Japanese made car) was built in Tenn.
Not sure where my Mini came from.
A Spanish built Q3?....Are the techs there substandard or do you feel like you got short changed? I got a good one. Runs great. Nice fit and finish. Rides like a champ. OO Lala..... I'm going to flip it over and see if it has a label "made in Spain".
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I would have liked a fully made German Audi also. And I assumed it was made there. I took the OP's post as a bash. Most of the posters here are to help/support and enjoy the fun. But yeah..a person can hate their car for whatever reason....but not for the stamp. I prefer to hear "I hate my car....because of service, no parts, repeated problems". I hope the OP comes back at us and know...The Q3 rocks...I was fast to judge.
Haha, did you flip it yet? How did that go for you?
(pssssssst - it's much easier to just read your sticker) :x
I tried. My back is killing me. However I turned on the radio and some Tango dancers came up on the MMI.:laugh::laugh: WT???
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That was JAD's first post. I'm going to say JAD came here to vent and blow wind. I'm sorry but the 3 is a positive is this forum and the members that chime in. Maybe he is a Toyota salesman trying knock the Audi.
I guess that sounded a little harsh. I meant it more in a humorous manor - i.e. Spanish robots should be the same as German robots. Oh well... The point is to judge the car first, don't just hate on it because of where it is made.

We know you're joking. I thought your post was in good taste and stated fairly well. Every robot needs love.
Hey...A Spanish robot walked into a bar...nobody understood it was in Germany. Uh oh...somebody stop me.
Oh man... that's bad! I think you're our forum comic. ;)
Never let a bad joke stand in the way of a good laugh.
My Monsoon is 2 weeks old today. Might go out and celebrate with it. Have a few shots of oil. I'm a little over 200m. Around 6 hundred I'm gonna put on a sport shirt and drive around in sport mode. I loaded up an SD card with my favorite sounds...mostly contemporary and traditional jazz....I have a fond love of the AfroCuban rhythms......aka....Latin jazz. Maybe it was fate that led me to a own Spanish built ride.
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Wow - I take a short drive to Florida and holy smokes!! Poor JAD - and y'all too. First, I'd like to welcome JAD to this forum. I hope you (JAD) find all the good stuff we normally have around here AND all the good support from the forum members. As you can see, we're a talkative group and like to respond. It's normal and healthy.

I'd like to hear exactly what you're so upset about with your Q3. Generalizations usually don't help us much to help you, so as a few have noted, specifics are good. We have found our little (some not) issues and are on the lookout for everything. For your query, yes, ALL Q3s so far are made in Spain, although shortly some may be made in India and China, perhaps Mexico and Brasil too. Btw, about 90% of the cars' assembly is by robots (made in Japan or Germany), with the rest by Audi workers VERY well trained and tested for final quality assembly and finish work. There is NO quality compromise wherever they're built.

If you have specific issues I feel pretty certain they can be resolved by your dealer or maybe you have an odd 0.05% Lemon - it happens. Your state Lemon-law can help you if Audi won't, but be persistant with them - I think you'll find them VERY willing to help you feel much better about you car (PM me if you have ANY issues with this, as I have some good connections).

Also, chances are pretty good your A3 (hatch) was made in Hungary if you check - but really, not that that matters at all. Hope you come back and accept this welcome to participate and contribute more - we're a great forum.
Well stated. I hope JAD comes back. I mean no harm with any of my sarcasm and apologize to JAD publicly if I was offending in any way. However the RANT/BASH was anything but constructive. Would like JAD to post again and join in. As they stated....To Be Continued. 1 post and done serves no purpose.
It sounds like you got a lemon there. I can tell you that mine has none of those issues. In fact the ease at which the door closes and how tight and solid everything is with no rattles etc is one of it's finer virtues.

The steering on mine is extremely soft. This has been a common complaint on some car review sites. I've never heard of anyone saying it was stiff though.

Your dealer should have taken care of these issues for you as they are definitely not normal.

Sounds like it was reconstructed. I guess it is the worst ride you ever had. Have it professionally inspected. Was it wrecked and resold? Sorry to hear this. Try taking it back or contacting corporate. Your Q is not right. And trust us...these Q's are a pleasure to own and drive.
I think you wanted to quote JAD but I agree completely!

Hi. I was quoting your first line. Never thought about reading the rest. 1 beer and
I'm visiting DisneyLand.
If everything JAD is claiming about his Q3 is true, I'd hate my purchase too...
Yep...If that Q was 100% new when delivered something smells from fish.
I simply think you hate the Q. Would a different one satisfy you. If so..pursue a buyback or lemon law claim. Mine would have been back.
Q3 also sometimes has a thud sound when downshifting from 40-to 30,
I generally drive a manual. (Mustang and Mini) Rarely shift especially at high speeds.
If I'm driving an auto I'll select sport mode but never use paddles....therefor I'm not too familiar with them. So I'm asking is it safe/ok to downshift with an auto trans. Seems like a good way to damage the trans. I'm I off or on?
Rarely shift especially at high speeds.
Correction .... I NEVER downshift at high speeds.
You are off.

It is entirely safe to downshift in an appropriate manner, and as Roger pointed out, the transmission will not let you do it if the engine will over rev as a result. Paddle or stick downshifting is part of the sporting nature of the Q3. And the transmission control module will downshift itself as you slow so that the appropriate gear is ready when you accelerate again.

Downshifting as you enter a corner so you can use the correct gear to pull you through is entirely safe and fun.
OK thanks. I was concerned about downshifting from 40-50. My first experience with paddles. I thought they were for boats.
A week after our first major snowstorm I can attest to the fact that downshifting with the paddle shifter is a great way to reduce speed on downhill/curvy sections of roads Vs more time spent hitting the brakes. After coming from a manual shift on my Mini Cooper S I was used to this method of slowing and it's great to still have that functionality.
Guess I'm not qualified to drive an auto:laugh::laugh: Been using a clutch too long.
I'm taking it easy as the Q is under 500m and being Broken In. However I played with the paddles a little bit today. Not bad....not bad at all. I vision a ticket waiting to happen.
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Wipers... I tend to adjust the speed manually to the conditions. I do not like rain sensitive or intermittent variable speeds. That goes for any car I drive.
Jerking is generally from a film on the window or the window is too dry for the blade as it just cleaned it...considering it is not needed for the moment. If it is jerking during a downpour that is a different story.
How is a dealer Buyback structured? I would go into a similar 2016 Q3. Thanks, John
Not sure. You can google vehicle buy back or lemon law in your state....or simply ask someone in Finance at your or any Audi dealership. I was at a dealer where an S4 was sitting outside. I asked about. The service manager said it was a buyback...said they could not find anything wrong with it (no kidding) but they bought it back. Ask what the obligation is for a buyback. Do they give x amount of credit toward a new Audi. Do they swap for a similar Q3. Make a call. See where it goes. Might also get the ball rolling. Good luck.

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