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Here is the 2016 Audi Q3 2.0 TDI noise. please turn up the volume

I've been driving this for past 8 months and I've been noticing there is like a rubber rubbing noise each time I press on accelerator but only at low rpm ~1100 - 1300rpm. It's not very loud but it's very very annoying as it happens each time my put my foot on the accelerator with bit of vibration on the steering wheel. gets worse when i'm turning the steering wheel

The noise appears from 8s - 11s, 35s-37s of the video.

The technician advised that it might be due to the turbo wastegate problem? and he's going to replace it for me next week. But I'm not 100% convinced. He also said if this doesn't fix the noise it will be considered as 'normal' and Audi won't be able to help.

Any ideas where the noise is coming from?

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