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2017 Q3 and rustproofing ?

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Hi Guy's,
1st Time Audi owner here. Other cars I have rustproofed on Day 1....cause they need it.
I am not sure of Audi though. I am thinking this may be different. What is the consensus on Rustproofing a new Audi? would you let a company like CROWN say drill holes in a new Audi for doors, etc ?

Thank you,
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Why would the Audi be different than any other vehicle in terms of rusting ?

If the vehicle is going to be running through winters or conditions similar, I would definitely get it rust-proofed. I'm not fond of letting anyone drill holes for rust-proofing but I wouldn't mind too much considering crown does a pretty decent job. They plug all the holes anyhow so it's fine I guess
I understand that Audi applies some sort of coating from factory....anyone know of this ?
I did some research on rust proofing a while back and it was news to me that they no longer require drilling holes, it's completely unnecessary. Find a good place that will utilize existing holes and it makes sense since those existing holes will be open points of entry where rusting could start from, so you start there. Think of it like the drain stop for your bathtub or sink, with it plugged... nothing is going through.
With Audi's corrosion warranty for 10 years, I think that NONE of these current after sales products are necessary or worth it. In fact, use the money to fund a little annuity now, and take from it each week the cost of a decent, hot car wash including under carriage, and in several years, enjoy the balance of what you've saved and know you have a nice clean Q3 every week...
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I would say that modern day cars don't need rustproofing unless if you live near the coast or an environment which has roads with salt etc. a lot of the year then it might be worth considering. A good regular wash including the undercarriage is definitely worth considering instead.
While I live in states that enjoy lots of salt, I have never added rust proofing.
My last car, was an Audi A4. It was over 10 years old. Had over 200K miles and not a spec of rust.

Its a long way from the Chevy Vega my best friend drove in high school.
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The main body is of galvanised steel, with the bonnet (hood) and boot (Trunk) lid of aluminium. So no point al all in any additional rustproofing.
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