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So I decided I wanted to install a cold air intake in my 2020 q3 45 s-line Quattro.

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After doing some research I decided on the Apr cold air intake. This system was all carbon fiber and seemed to be an easy mod. I also ordered the carbon fiber inlet pipe that attaches to the turbo inlet pipe.

The install was pretty straightforward. I ran into a few problems however. When removing the stock air box, I snapped the battery tray which needed to be replaced. This was $90.00 from my dealer and about 20 mins to replace. The intake attaches to a part of the the tray that holds a gasket thing in place.
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the largest problem with the install was the factory radiator support panel not fitting the intake. In the front of the intake were two holes for bolts that normallyfit GTIs, but didn’t fit on my q3.
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To fix this, I ended up sawing the plastic to accommodate the intake. I went and found a larger bolt and washer/nut to hold the intake in place. This was a 10/12 nut or one slightly smaller then 1/4 inch. I think it was 2.5 inches long.
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to access the front of the radiator support I popped off the plastic piece separating the grill from the front of the engine pay and moved it to the left.

I placed the factory coolant hose over the intake because I didn’t really care if it looked silly because I really just wanted the performance increase. Apr sells a hose for $30.00 that can go under the intake instead, might upgrade later. The SAI was an easy install and I just zip tied it to the factory coolant hose.

After the install there was an issue with the inlet pipe touching the brake Master cylinder, but that went away with an adjustment.

I am very happy with the intake and for 350$ ( used from Facebook market place) I think it’s an easy mod. Sounds great, too.
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