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Oh, it's making my blood boil just reading this. I just feel I would get the same response from my local dealership. I have the same car as you with 8k miles and while I'm not in the same position as you right now, I can already see how quickly these brake pads are depleting; faster than a pencil eraser.

I had a similar, but not exact problem with my Infiniti G37x. In this case, I took my car to the dealership because the brakes were squealing. The car was inspected by service and the Service Writer told me the brakes were fine at 7mm of pad. The problem continued, and I set a new appointment for the following week. This time, they claimed the pads were at 2mm. Like your situation, the insufficent pad depth damaged the rotors. So, Infiniti replaced the rotors and pads at a 75% discount. So, here's why I'm bringing this experience up:

Consider reviewing your January service write-up to see if they listed the mm depth of the pads at that time. Use this to your advantage. It's likely service said you had more pad depth than you actually did. If that's the case, you can claim the pads had unusually failed in such a short driving rage and that it's irrational for you to have suddenly changed the way you drive. I would rely on Audi Corporate to assist in your claim. I would also expect a complete set of pads and rotors if my brakes had worn down in under 12k and damaged the rotors. Its irrational.

Now, if you really want to make a scene, simply go to the dealership showroom floor and ask to see what a new car's pads look like. The salespeople will do everything to keep you off the showroom floor complaining out loud about how you had to get new pads and rotors in the first 12k miles. It's simply not good for business.

The 5 week waiting period for service is real -- Experiencing the same in Seattle. The 17 day wait to do your service job is unacceptable, period.
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