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I took delivery of my 2021 Q3 today. This is my first Q3 since Audi refreshed the model line the USA in 2019.

I had previously owned a 2015 and 2018 Q3 and loved them both, but this Q3 is different (in a good way) and my first impression is that I LOVE IT.

I was fortunate to have been able to do a custom order; so I got a Premium Plus S Line and loaded it up.

The color (Chronos Gray) is beautiful and really makes the black optic package pop.

I think Audi even borrowed some of the interior dashboard design from the Lamborghini SUV.

There's already a growing list of things I love in this 2021.....

Hands free tailgate open/close (waving foot under bumper)
Customizable interior LED cabin lighting
8 speed transmission
Black Optics package
Digital dashboard
Wireless phone charging (and cell signal booster)
Audi rings puddle lights
B&O Stereo
I'm loving this car!

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@dipaola since getting your new 2021 - is there anything you wish you could have added to it? What does Audi do well in the newer Q3? What is your general thoughts on adding that black optic package to your vehicle (besides looks). Is it worth it? or is it better to just get a regular one and dip all the features...

Is the wireless phone charging only available on the 2021 models?? (I have the charging pad right now in my truck - is it something that i will have to get used to without in an older model?).

Sorry about all the questions.

Chronos gray is my fav, with that black optic package - looks sick af - I'm hoping I won't have to build my Q3 but if I don't find what I am looking for I probably
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