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4WD / Quattro not working

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Hi guys,

During the last service the garage told me the four-wheel drive isn't working in my Audi Q3 (2.0 TFSI from 2014). They were quite vague about what is not working (on the phone they told me there is only work involved to get it fixed, but then in person they said they want to replace the unit). The amount they want to charge for it is quite hefty, so I didn't go ahead with it.. :)

But I wonder how I could check myself if 4WD is really not working? There are no errors on the car information display. And I also bought an OBD scanner and scanned the system - still no relevant errors.. Any suggestions?

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If the Haldex (the device that engages $WD when required) hasn't been serviced it is likely that it has clogged up the filter screen in it, which in turn could have caused the motor to fail, and need replacing. Does your scanning tool show live data ? You could try driving on a slippery surface (eg wet grass) and check the traction when you try and accelerate quickly. If you get slippage from the front wheels and not the rear, then the 4WD is probably not working.
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Yes, I think the scanning tool show some live data, I'll check..

Ah, good idea about a slippery surface - will try to find one and test. Thanks!
Hi manfrotto, I've checked my OBD tool - it does have live data. It seems there are 36 settings it can monitor live. These settings (codes) are quite cryptic - would you know which one(s) a relevant for Haldex? Thanks!
I have never actually checked the live data on my Haldex - only activated it to push he filter out when I changed the fluid and filter in my version 4 Haldex. Yours will be a version 5 Haldex, with no Replaceable filter, just a screen that needs to be cleaned.
What Scanner do you have?
Googling id probably your friend, but this link looks quite useful if you have OBD Eleven for example.
Another useful reference on Haldex's is here:
That's very useful - thanks, manfrotto! I'll give it a try.
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