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Adding a Back-up Camera

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I have been reading about a lot of MMI modifications. I did not order the Driver Assist package as I did not feel I needed it but a back up camera might make things easier. So...

Does anyone know where the factory installed camera is located? Also, does anyone know if the wiring harness is in place up to the dash and perhaps hooked up to the MMI as well?

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Parts required...
8U0907441 - Camera Control Unit
5N0827566AA - Camera
8U0035209 - Control Unit Mounting Bracket
Kufatec Wiring Loom

I know this because I have the parts here to be fitted on Friday :)

It will need coding too.

About 2hrs work I believe.

Parts cost me about €200
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And here is the kit:

The numbers were added to discuss the connections.
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In the pic above:
1 & 2 - Go into the MMI Quadlock
3 is earth (trunk)
6 is power (anywhere with a ignition switched live, fuse box or towbar wiring perhaps)
4&5 - Go into the CAN (trunk)

Kufatec supply a PDF install guide with their cable harness.
Camera added and working.

2hr job.
You have a nav capable car right?
If you added the SD card?

Or do you not have the screen at all?
I just wonder if it's easy to narrow it down for a German site to simply say "nav" rather than get into specifics?

How was your sold? RMC? MMI?

Got a pic?
Here for example, they say "mmi 3G basic and above"

And then go on to say, if you have two sd card slots, then you should be ok...

So can you have two sd cards and not have nav?
you don't need the bracket, the controller can be zip tied to an existing controller.

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