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Adding a Back-up Camera

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I have been reading about a lot of MMI modifications. I did not order the Driver Assist package as I did not feel I needed it but a back up camera might make things easier. So...

Does anyone know where the factory installed camera is located? Also, does anyone know if the wiring harness is in place up to the dash and perhaps hooked up to the MMI as well?

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I'd also be curious about this. I don't really need the camera, per se, as the car is dead easy to park but it would be nice to have.
For whatever reason, Audi has not been providing (to my knowledge) an SD based nav solution for cars in the US like they do in the UK (and, if it's like everything else they do, the rest of the world). This is probably where the confusion is stemming...
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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