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sure, is it for the Q3 201x?

the only issue I have with audi sound system is that it will not allow you to change out the stock stereo. aftermarket stereos has a few things that work great when using an after market amp and subwoofer.
one is that some brands have a really good built in crossover. I don't like separate crossovers, as its very difficult to get the sound inline with all the other speakers. I know its meant to but unless its just tuned right, its going to sound off when you play at low volumes vs high volumes. that's with experience. one source is the best way to go.
another positive is that it will send out a very clean 3-4volt preout for the amps.

with that said youll need to buy a cross over that will integrate the front with the rears along with the sub or the sub will overpower the setup. this is my first suggestion but if its more than what you want to do then can do a basic separate subwoofer and amp install. tuning the sound will be pretty hard unless you go balls out on bass. then it wont matter how its playing.

im not sure what your type of music your into either. rock, rap, pop. lets start with that.
also remember you need to run a 0/1 gauge power wire with ground wire to match.

what ever music you play I would at least get a 6+ channel amp for the mids and highs and a 2 or mono amp for the sub. you don't need to change out the speakers but you should power them appropriately. its like night and day on stock speakers.

for amps I recommend:
sundown ( have a four channel myself. worth it)
zapco (Z-150.6 is very good) is the bare minimum. stay with the "Z" set of amps.

plus a sub amp from either for you sub. get no less than a 1K RMS amp, I prefer at least 2K. very clean sounding amps.

but if you plan on doing the amps and the sub youll really want to invest into this setup. its the cleanest sounding way to get the signal you want for the sub and internal amp.
one of the issues with keeping the stock head unit is that youll need to use a high-lo pass filter. it basically sounds like crap but it will work.

so here is the solution for that.
its an analog preamp.
The mObridge Analog Pre-amplifier provides a connection between the MOST system in the vehicle with any aftermarket analog amplifier.
It provides 8 channels of RCA analog outputs and an amplifier turn on/off control.
Full retention of the factory controls is supported - control Volume, Balance, Fader, and Equalizer (where applicable). There is no need for an external mounted controller or volume knob.

this should be a plug and play device. it will negate your stock amp and youll be able to use your aftermarket amps with very clean sounds.

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So what you are telling me is I need

1) amp for front/rear stock speakers
2) amp for subwoofer
3) new subwoofer
4) mobridge pre-amp so I can use MMI controls for sound system

What if I just wanted to get a new subwoofer and a new amp just for this subwoofer? Would I need mobridge pre-amp in this case as well? Are you saying I should go for subwoofer amp that has built in crossover?

Do I need amp that has built in crossover for front/rear speakers as well, if I decide to get amps for speakers also?

Thanks for the help!

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I was just looking for this post and I realized that its in the wrong section for this subject. I would say lets move it to the right section with some help from the moderator. at least for the last few post about car audio.

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thanks. your right on top of it like usual.

now if u can only modify the edit feature. as you can see my writing is all over the place but I do tend to go back and edit at a later time.

I'll get more into this once I get my thought together. plus I'm on my celly right now.

I'll post up my old 91 Honda wagon stereo build.
I had a chic machine guy make me some custom Aluminium brackets for two amps. that way u have an idea what I did. same idea
for an suv.
and I'll explain my thoughts as thetr needs to be an end game goal... sound, looks, functionality, Price/budget or all the above?
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