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Alright everyone here's another quirky phenomenon with my Q3

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Now I don't think this happened before although I really don't use my GPS that frequently but...
One day I used it and it was cloudy and sure enough it went into night mode. Wasn't dark but cloudy. I didn't think much of it at the time
Then the next time I used it it was 3:30 in the afternoon sun was shining but of course with daylight savings time it was starting to set very soon. Again, it went into night mode...
One more time...I waited to see if it would replicate the next time I used it and sure enough 3:30pm the sun was shining and it wouldn't stay in day mode.

Now, I know logically that if the sun is out or even if it's cloudy when it's daytime. Driving me crazy... I was going to take it in the shop but I wanted to see if anyone else had that problem.

Can the sensor in the car be that stupid that it can't differentiate daylight from nighttime?????
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Could be a faulty sensor. Probably one of the ideal things to do in this situation is to take it into the dealer if you believe there's a real issue.
There could be something interfering with the sensor as well. maybe it has something partially covering it so less light gets in. That combined with cloudy whether would explain your situation I think.
Did you ever get this figured out? Just posted something similar and noticing the same symptoms as you.
If there's some way to reset the sensor, then you might want to look into that. If not, then the problem might indeed be the sensor.
resetting the MMI might do this, but I'm not sure ...
... and before you ask how to do that - if YOU search the forum for it - you'll find it

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