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Anybody upgrade the anti-roll (sway) bars on their Q3?

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Options seem to be :
H&R (front and rear)
Whiteline (only rear?)
Neuspeed (only rear?)
Megan Racing (front and rear)

These are the same bars for the Tiguan, the R32 AWD Golf, Passat/CC AWD, and A3 AWD.

I am tempted to go for the H&R front and rear. The rear bar is easy to change. The front bar requires dropping the front subframe.
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Well...decided on the 034Motorsport rear sway bar....will post impressions after install....then perhaps a front bar too....
I installed the 034 Motorsports 22.25mm solid rear sway bar (034-402-1002) a few months ago, not too difficult, but I had to reuse the original end-link bolts. The bolts provided with the kit are a hair too long, and don't have enough clearance versus the adjacent trailing arm. Although 034 does not list this fitting the Q3, it is the correct bar for the Q3, and I am sure it would also fit a Gen-1 Tiguan.

I used the softer setting of the bar. The bodyroll and understeer is reduced, with no noticeable reduction of ride quality. The car should have come this way from the factory. I would like to add a front bar too, but the installation of that is a pain, as the front subframe needs to be lowered.

Also installed a chassis reinforcement strut-bar:
Thanks for the info. Looks like a fun upgrade that I might have to go for in the future!

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