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Hello Everyone

My first post to the forums and what friendly place it seems to be!

So my wife has decided that her 9 year old Corsa, which she loves and is called Poppy needs to be upgraded. Expecting our first baby end of February so we are changing the red rocket (haha) for a Q3 S Line. The dealer is throwing in a free baby seat and base for our coming parenthood and some other things as I already bought my Audi from him.

The question I have and cannot seem to find the answer to is that, is there a stroller/pram that the seat is compatible with? Basically most strollers come with a seat that can be detached with baby still in the seat and transferred to the car and fitted onto the preinstalled base or straight into the car itself. The dealer is throwing in the base as well.

Google doesn't seem to hold the answer so hoping the wealth of knowledge here may be able to assist.


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First, welcome to the forum - hope you enjoy us as much as the car. But as for the stroller/pram recommendation, I am without an answer myself. I thought there was a sort of standard as you mentioned, and would expect almost any/all of them to work. I am hopeful some more forum folks with direct experience will add-in here ...
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