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The longboard I don't really care for, but having that storage area would be great. Could fit a briefcase or something in there. I'm wondering why it took automakers so long to come up with this. It's genius !

Translation to english :

The brand with the four rings is at the Auto China 2016 in Beijing, a new concept car based on the compact SUV Audi Q3 ago - the Audi connected mobility concept. The study provides sporting and multifunctional mobility for megacities with heavy traffic and limited road use. This lifestyle concept, which was developed at Audi Research & Development in Beijing is tailored to markets with increasing urbanization as China and especially appeals to young, progressive riders. In the rear bumper a multifunctional Longboard with 1.05 meters in length and electric drive is integrated, which is easy to remove and stow again. Thus, it is always ready for use, the board in the car is automatically loaded. It consists of high-quality materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum. The infotainment system of the concept study is coupled to the smartphone user's calendar. Depending on the destination and planned time of arrival, the system calculates based on real-time traffic data the fastest mobility mix. Should the longboard quickly lead to the goal, the system recommends a car park nearby, so that the driver can continue on its way to the electrical board. The Navidaten be synchronized with the Audi MMI connect App on the smartphone user that anytime the way. The battery of the multifunctional Longboard a range of more than 12 kilometers at a maximum speed of 30 km / h. The board has three operating modes: In "Scooter" mode the smartphone can be clipped to the handlebars unfolded and there indicates the direction. The speed is controlled with the remote control on the right handlebar. A backpack, the user can attach easily to the steering column. When the handlebar is folded in "Sport" mode, the driver controls the speed with the remote control in hand. In the third mode, the board serves as a transport device for luggage or shopping bags: The Board wirelessly connected to a smartphone or SmartWatch follows its owner all by itself. The basis for the concept study of the Audi Q3, which is built for Chinese local customers in China. 2015 mid sold over 70,000 units of the premium compact SUV in the kingdom. Thus, the Q3 market leader in its segment. The new Audi Q3 for the Chinese market debuts at Auto China 2016th
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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