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Here's a short summary of Order Status :

IS or (05) : INTAKE ORDER BANK - this is essentially an allocation request for specified content (options) - but at even this point, the Order Type should show Customer Sold. Until it reaches the next step, you can modify things like options, color etc.
(10) FACTORY ORDER BANK - at this stage the allocation has been committed by the factory and content (options) cannot be changed.
(15) PRODUCTION STOCK - the car is built.
(20) INTRANSIT FROM FACTORY - this includes inland Europe (e.g. Martorell - Wolfsburg - Emden) up until ship-loading and oversea shipment.
(25) PORT STOCK - at this point the car is in the destination port (for me Brunswick, GA)
(30) INTRANSIT INLAND - this is where the car is moving from the port to the dealer.
(50) DEALER STOCK - as you can guess, by now arrived at the dealer.
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