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Audi Planning All Electric Line of Vehicles

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With Mercedes-Benz and BMW launching electric lines of vehicles, B-Class and "i" brand respectively, Audi doesn't want to be left behind as electric vehicles are set to ramp up in sales. That is why Audi is planning to a lineup of high-performance electric cars, even though we may not see them for a while still.

The all-electric lineup of vehicles is necessary for Audi to reach its goal of being the biggest electric mobility company by the end of the decade. I have to say that it seems like every other auto company in the world has the same goal though, so good luck with that Audi. The other strategic reason behind it is the fact that China is taking steps to curb pollution and increase electric vehicles on its streets. That should mean that electric vehicles will be set to experience a boom in the near future.

So far Audi has scheduled the R8 e-tron for sale. It should hit European dealerships in 2015, and it will be built strictly on demand. That vehicle will be able to travel 280 miles on a single charge, which is nearly as good as a Tesla Model S.

Another vehicle that could be in Audi's future, and we've already chatted about this one a bit, is an Audi Q3 e-tron plug-in hybrid. It would use a 1.4-liter TFSI engine producing 150 HP, and an electric motor rated at 205 HP.

Do you think that EVs will take off like many analysts are predicting? Is Audi already behind in the EV industry? Would you be interested in an all elctric Audi?
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This makes me wonder if they will have any chance of shutting tesla out of the game of if tesla will give them a serious run for their money.
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