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Audi Q3 cargo capacity

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Anyone have specifications and other measures to compare the Audi Q3 vs. the Porsche Macan, Audi Q5, Mercedes GLA, and BMW X1?

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I needed some actual measurements a few months ago due to the need to carry a wheelchair around, that is finally over after over 3 months. Here is the information that I was given by a forum member.

With the backseat down, the length is about 64 inches. The height (considering the slope of the hatch) is at least 16 inches and much more if the chair doesn't fill the length. The width is 39 inches. With the back seats up, the length is approximately 28 (top) to 33 inches (bottom) when taking the slope of the seat back into consideration.

The dimensions of spare tire cover are approximately 38" x 32". Please note it is not a perfect square and somewhat curvy.

Putting the larger rear seat down, it leaves a 24/25" opening; that's not going to help you.

The measurement of 39" that I gave you is actually 39 and a fraction but it's still going to be tight. Seems your only option with a Q3 is to put the seats down.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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