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Audi Q3 interior vs Audi Q5 interior

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Q3 (I liked this photo of an RS Q3 interior)

Q5 TDI interior:

- MMI controls are in a totally different place (Q5 down low, Q3 further up)
- Q5's screen is built into the dash.... Q3's folds out above it
- Q5 features the A4-style red/blue HVAC controls with spinning knobs... Q3's got click-action knobs (like the A3)
- Q5's window controls are mounted on an angle.... Q3's are flat (again, like the A3)
- Q5's center vents are lower than the dash.... Q3's are on the same level (again, like the A3)

The list goes on. What do you notice?
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RS Q3 looks amazing. I just hate how car makers are putting screen on dashes as if they're tablets. Rather have it be dashboard integrated.
I think I am liking the Q3 interior better. I could do without the cross-stitched seats and that carbon fiber-like material near the shifter. Also I think it would have worked better if the nav screen and the radio were put together more. I don't think that the audio has to take up that much room.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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