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Audi Q3 review by AutoExpress

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Great review, being one of the bigger publications out there, i hope they have plans on some long term test drive or at least some sort of updated review.
I only wish the comment about driving dynamics and where he'd spend his 30K (£ btw) was a bit more positive for the Q...

Especially with Audi tagging "the agile all-new Audi Q3" in its US commercials.
not the best review out there but one of the better one's i've seen for now...
still looking forward for some well known american publication to get their hands on one.
Most have already driven the car in Europe, made similar comments, but will reserve their stateside chat for the stateside car. Remember Audi has softened the Q3 up a bit more for us in the engine, the transmission and the standard suspension settings. That's not to say they've mushed it up, but some might argue/debate they've 'refined' it for US tastes, or at least what their market research tells them our tastes are.

Heck, give me the RS, I'd be a happy boy, but my bride might not be so 'understanding.' So I kinda get what Audi's up to. We'll see...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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