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Audi Q3 TFSI Tuning Options [Supersprint v MTM v ABT]

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Only two vehicles use the Audi TFSI engine, and as such, there has not been many tuning shops who have taken the time to create tuning kits for it. Auto Evolution has put together the 3 available options out there with a bit of commentary as to which ones they think are best.


A butterfly valve and dual exhaust system is added. Made entirely from stainless steel. But it is pricey. Downpipe alone costs €1,921 plus vat. Horsepower is increased to 360 hp.


This package ups the horsepower to 410. This one also comes at a high price. €3,357 for the Cantronic engine mod, and €4,699 for the exhaust system.


ABT performs so poorly that Auto Evolution didn't even write much about them, but there is this video. They describe it as a "distant third".

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With that much power made available, I'd worried more about why they didn't include brakes, diff, and tires in those packages.

I mean really, they called it a tuning package and all they wanna do is give you the big engine numbers but don't include the wheel hop, braking, entry and exit parts?

I don't recall ever seeing a Q3 in a fast & comp. Haha.
Er, uh - MOST current Audis use a TFSI engine, and that means way more than two ...
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