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dear all

new in the forum - glad to just join
I am a proud owner on an Audi q3 1.4 150ps DSG (2013 model)

after almost 5 yrs and 70k kms I had no issues till now. I had my car serviced and did foll changes: front brake pads, engine oil, air filter, front wheel suspension silent-blocks and spark plugs. when I got car back I noticed there was, and still is, a slight vibration coming fm the engine in the cabin and I can feel it more on the pedal. this is happening both on idle and on the road. also as a change I noticed sometimes the idle rev are not at 820 rev/min but at 920 and I brake harder they fall to this level. last but not least I am experiencing a more clampsy feeling when gearbox goes down when car has to stop (it was not like that)

I don't know if any of the changes I notice is/are connected to the service I had. on the other hand I cannot find it as a pure coincidence. can I ask if someone of you had same experience please? wld be of huge help as the service guys telling me vibration comes fm hardest silent-blocks, which I don't find convincing as this happens when car is not moving

extreme tks all
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