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Audi Releasing 2017 Q3 Black Edition

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These days, it seems like every manufacturer has at least one Black Edition model and Audi is no different with their new Black Edition 2017 Q3.

We really can’t pinpoint when the trend started, but it has spread like wildfire; there’s 2016 Porsche 911 Carrera Black Edition, Mazda3 Sport Black Edition, Volkswagen Scirocco Black Edition, etc. Even Bentley has one and Audi has joined the fray with their Q3.

Replacing the S Line Plus model, the Q3 Black Edition will come with a few standard upgrades including Audi Music, Bluetooth connectivity, front and rear sensor parking control, dual zone climate control, rear privacy glass, and a Bose sound system. As for the cabin, Audi has added Piano Black inlays to the door trim panels, dash and gear shifter.

That’s pretty much it for the inside and there aren’t that many changes on the exterior besides a coat of paint. There’ the grille surround and mesh which is finished in black, painted cladding around the wheel wells, front lip and side skirts. Other areas that received a coat of paint includes the roof rails, rear spoiler, and tail pipes.

Powering the Q3 Black Edition are two engine options. One is a 148 horsepower, 1.4-liter gasoline engine that sends power to the front wheels via a six-speed manual or S-Tronic twin-clutch automatic transmission. It should accelerate the Q3 from 0-62 mph in around 8.9 seconds. The second powertrain is a 2.0-liter gasoline unit that pumps out 178 horsepower. This version is available in AWD configuration and can be paired with either transmission.

Notice that we haven’t mentioned the torque numbers, that’s because Audi hasn’t released them yet. Prices for the 2017 Q3 Black Edition has not been mentioned in their press release either, so those of you interested still has a while to wait.
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Now this is exactly what I wanted to see since the the "bezel" of the grille provides a great way to pull the grille and headlights together and being in black completes it, in chrome not so much. For me seeing this on a black Q3 could mean putting a deposit down ;)
Note as well - this 'Black' edition is NOT likely to make the trip across the ocean to the NAR. We MAY get some of the Black Optik options that have been on the option list (and for other models too) for years, but I wouldn't count on that for the Q3 either... nor the stick or DSG (S-tronic), as we are the only market for the tiptronic, our only gearbox.
I doubt that new Q3 Black Edition will be available in the US and Canda market. This special edition is predicted to be top of the Q3 class in the UK and Germany.
Just an update : I recently purchased a 2018 Q3 Quattro with the "Black Optic - S line - Competition Package". Has 20" rims, " Chestnut brown Sport seats," and Utopian Blue exterior. I just haven't seen another Q3 with these options ?????
nice car..same car available in india also suv segment
the Black Optic package is definitely available now in the USA. I ordered a 2021 Q3 with Black Optic add-on and the car is arriving next week here to the states.
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