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Audi RS Q3 Seen On the Nurburgring [video]

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The Audi RS Q3 was caught racing around the Nurburgring recently. The reason for this testing could be a couple of different things.

The first possibility is that Audi is working on the powertrain because of commotion with Mercedes. "The GLA 45 AMG is already receiving most of the praise from the industry and will likely get a 20 PS boost after the A45."

Audi may also be trying to figure out how to export the RS Q3 so that it can compete with the GLA 45 AMG in the States.

Finally, it ma be that Audi is beginning work on components for the next Q3 that is scheduled for release two years from now.

Oh, it could also be that Audi is trying to break some type of record at the Nurburgring.

Your guess is as good as mine.
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THAT is a customer car I think NOT an Audi car - wrong tags - that car is from Heilbronn, usually the factory cars have IN tags from Ingolstadt - looks like a club event -

Nonetheless, he's having a good time and has easily drawn away from the MkII TT near the beginning ...

Edit : ... I must add that Neckarsulm (where Quattro GmbH is) IS part of Baden-Württemberg, within Heilbronn, AND could easily have an HN tag ..., so ?
Not bad at all.

I love how they went about styling although by now it's all predictable.

Thanks for posting this.
Oh, my wife is going to love her new Q3 when it arrives in October....that is exactly how she drove on the rural roads of Suffolk, England in her last Audi.....with the radio blaring. :p
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Does anyone know if that is Hainan blue, the new color which will be available on the 2016 refresh?
That car’s use of the “larger side grills” with what appear to be air ducts does make the enormous fog light free area look a lot better.
Sorry that color is Sepang Blue a typical RS color ... I think Hainan Blue is quite a bit lighter - and THAT front bumper cover is very nearly the SAME as the outgoing one except for the area between the upper grill and headlight transition.
Thanks Roger!
I sort thought it was be too good to be true.
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