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Auto windows closer when locking the car doesn’t work

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Hi there
So I finally got a 2022 Audi Q3 and I love it !
One problem is that when I lock the car (press and hold the lock button)
It does not close all windows :(
It does open the windows when I press and hold the unlock button on the remote
I only see in the MMI system open windows feature but not the close.
I read the manual and it said that it has this feature.
Any suggestions ???
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Read also this thread.........

It looks like it has been disabled for US models (but imagine it could be programmed back in)
Thanks 🙏 I’m. (In the USA) So after many tries you have to hold the sensor button on the driver handle (NAKE SURE NOT TO PUT YOUR HAND IN THE HANDLE)
And only than it closes the windows, you have to keep holding which is extremely annoying cause I really would like to just touch the button real quick to close the car windows and doors and not to stand and wait for the windows to close, is there another way ?
We have a 2022 Q3 (Canada) and the Key Fob OPENS the windows, but to CLOSE, you have to press and hold the touch sensitive close 'button' on the driver's side.

I have also tried my OBDeleven but the app for Convenience Windows is not supported (for now?)

If anyone knows the manual entry/code to make this happen via OBDeleven, please share!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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