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Awaiting my new Q3

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I am a brand new Audi Q3 owner, awaiting delivery of my car. I have previously owned Hyundais and Toyotas. Delivery is already two weeks late, so I'm feeling some impatience. Am wondering if this is the norm for Audi, and I should just relax already...
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Welcome to the forum, lots of good stuff going on here.
Audi's to me have a ride, road feel and understated elegance that other makes don't.
As far as delivery, mine was ordered the last week of December and arrived at the dealer Wednesday night. Having a look tomorrow and pick it up Monday. This dealer takes a GOOD 2 days to prep its vehicles. As in the past, my salesperson was right on with time frames. So, I'll let others comment on your delay. Have you spoken to your salesperson?
Luckily, it is now Spring. So all the weather related problems are over. ;)
Well almost anyway. Up here, we have a good four inches and it's still coming. Should be short lived but glad I got some gas for the snow blower today!
Hey Bob-

Eight inches and wet? OUCH! Ours is powdery and light. Went to school in the Philly area (seventies) and it was always more mild than my hometown in northern NJ that would have been way more mild than here upstate. There is something to this climate change stuff.

MPBQ3, still like the mountain living and state parks woods just a few feet away. Emergency repairs to a snowblower in February can get old however!
There were some delays into Davisville the week before this past. The ship I think mine was on was delayed about three days.
I did see the vehicle today. It was in the beginning stages of prep. The supply on these things seems tight.

2kittys2, if you go to the dealer's website, do you see your vehicle listed as Available Soon?
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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