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Buy the Q3?

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Hi everyone! I deciding on pulling the trigger on the 2016 q3. We can get a decent price - brand new at 34k. This would be the premium plus model with technology package. My biggest concern is fitting the car seat for our newborn in and a stroller in back. We're moving back from Europe so we are used to small cars. Wondering your thoughts?
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Thanks for your insight! This was through a car buying service for overseas service members and we wanted to make sure we weren't jumping into anything that was overpriced (car buying service says its factory direct pricing - deeply discounted - nonnegotiable) and impractical. We were looking at the Q5 too, but it seems big and the base models didn't provide the same options as the Q3. Do you think its good for short road trips too (less than 6hrs)? Thanks for everyone's assistance!

PS - Which color looks sharpest - cortina white, monsoon gray, or mythos metallic black
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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