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Buy the Q3?

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Hi everyone! I deciding on pulling the trigger on the 2016 q3. We can get a decent price - brand new at 34k. This would be the premium plus model with technology package. My biggest concern is fitting the car seat for our newborn in and a stroller in back. We're moving back from Europe so we are used to small cars. Wondering your thoughts?
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First, welcome to the forum - glad you're here and found us - IMHO, you have a pretty good deal and I think you'll have no issues with the child seat. So jump in and enjoy and come back often ...
I'd take both drives - there is really no way to better understand the cars than to take a significant drive - include stops, traffic, nice roads, rough roads - the kind of stuff you will do with the cars. In the end 5 hours is not even enough - if you have a kind dealer, they could let you take one of each for a weekend - NOT to put on 1000 miles, but really to live a little with the car - this is no minor investment. All that said, we tried to buy a Q5 twice, but after declining the second one - the Q5 is just too big for our needs and use - we WAITED almost 3 years for the Q3 - and LOVE it!!

btw, of the above colors, and everybody has an opinion on this - I like Monsoon with Black or Chestnut (my fav) ...
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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