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Buy the Q3?

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Hi everyone! I deciding on pulling the trigger on the 2016 q3. We can get a decent price - brand new at 34k. This would be the premium plus model with technology package. My biggest concern is fitting the car seat for our newborn in and a stroller in back. We're moving back from Europe so we are used to small cars. Wondering your thoughts?
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Elle, first of all thank you to your entire family for serving our country....all family members serve and sacrifice while having the privilege and responsibility of providing safety for the rest of us to live our lives as we wish.

As you are coming from Europe, you will find the Q3 is exactly what you want. Sure, later when you've got more than one baby seat and stroller, you might want to go bigger, but the Q3 is just the right size with all the right safety features for a "baby on board."

The Q5, while nice, is boring! The Q3 is fun to drive and feels luxurious beyond its price tag.

Color? Well, we have Florett Silver because we older folks are supposed to drive cars that are more easily seen by others on the road and because it just doesn't show the dirt and grime that comes with winter weather. But, I like the look of Monsoon Gray.

Keep us updated on what you decide. Oh, and where will your next assignment take you?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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