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Can't wait until Friday!

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I just got home from my local Toronto Audi dealership having signed the contract for my first Audi, with hopeful delivery this Friday. After driving a Subaru Forester for 9 years the smooth ride and looks of the Q3 was just too much to pass up. For us cost was a factor and didn't want all the extras, so went with a Komfort Quattro (Black on Black with black trim). Love the all black.
As I left I was given the option to pick the Lease Excess Wear Waiver or the Appearance Protection. I was informed that "99% of people take one or the other". Seems a little exaggerated. I have 0$ deductible on my insurance and not sure if we will buy out at the end. Just looking for some unbiased opinions.

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I would say don't bother with anything they offer. It's just a cash grab. You can get appearance protection cheaper elsewhere if you shop around and if you are leasing then don't bother. Unless you plan on exceedign your alloted KM and are not mindful of your automobile, then pass on the lease wear and tera stuff as well. Lease turnin-n are never as bad as you think. Also, try to negotiate having them forgive any wear and tear on your next car from teh same dealership. I had $182 in excess wear and tear, when I turned in my old VW to the VW/AUDI dealer when I got my Q3. I told them "I'm giving you close to $50 grand today, I would assume that asking you to waive the excess wear and tear charge would not be a problem? How cheap would they be if they said no?
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