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Can't wait until Friday!

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I just got home from my local Toronto Audi dealership having signed the contract for my first Audi, with hopeful delivery this Friday. After driving a Subaru Forester for 9 years the smooth ride and looks of the Q3 was just too much to pass up. For us cost was a factor and didn't want all the extras, so went with a Komfort Quattro (Black on Black with black trim). Love the all black.
As I left I was given the option to pick the Lease Excess Wear Waiver or the Appearance Protection. I was informed that "99% of people take one or the other". Seems a little exaggerated. I have 0$ deductible on my insurance and not sure if we will buy out at the end. Just looking for some unbiased opinions.

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Congratulations and welcome! Going to go on a weekend trip right after Friday to break it in? :D
you can just buy some clear protection online and have a garage install it for a lot cheaper than what the dealership asks. Or just go to a trusted garage that already does it. Most of the time it's just the hood and bumper that needs covering anyways.
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