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Cargo space for pets

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I did see a thred about fitting a wherlchair into the q3, as well as a dog crate. Has anyone actually tried fitting a crate and if so, what size. For anyone who travels with dogs but without crates, what size dogs are comfortable and how many can be accommodated? Can two goldens fit?
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CarID (a site sponsor here - yea) and CanvasBack offer or make custom liners for the back and areas of the cargo area just for dogs. At least one of them has or can be had with a vertical screen to essentially make the entire back a large crate - albeit soft. I think 2 snuggly Goldens can fit back there, but they'll need to be buds, or budettes ...
2 goldens wont fit in the trunk, unless you fold the seats. I carry my 65 pound German Shepherd in the trunk, and it is just big enough for him.
I have a golden-doodle, as well as an Australian Shepard poodle mix. I have protectors over the seats in back and will not allow them to ride in the back in case of a rear end collision. I think the inside of my Audi may be just a hair smaller than my Tiguan. the front may be slightly more roomier however.
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