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CARiD Featured ride: Pictures and Videos

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Hey folks,

CARiD is proud to introduce this sinister looking Audi RS6 redesigned by Audi Exclusive experts. It stands out with its menacing spirit achieved thanks to stealthy shade of matte grey exterior with carbon fiber and black alloy wheels.

Follow the link to read the article and see more pictures of this slick monster:

Most of all we like those black leather seats with yellow stitching and carbon fiber defuser, which prove that little things always make a big difference...

What do you like about this car the most?
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The sedan version (saloon) would've sold out in the US if Audi would've only built one and brought it here. I have at least 100 Audi enthusiasts in my circle that would buy one (and that doesn't include myself, who'd be on the edge) ...
Can't get over the pattern on the seats! Nice unique touch that looks very audi, but that's one of many more things to list here about the interior.
Not a big fan of matte finish.
same here but this one was done very well IMO, it actually suits the vehicle unlike many i have seen.
I haven't been a fan of matte finishes either, but lookie here - I am very seriously considering this finish on my S5 -
Starting with this :

and using this color/finish as a target -

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