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Checking-In from Vancouver, USA

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Ordered our first Audi this century today.....a 2016 Q3 Prestige in Monsoon Grey/Black with 19 inch 5 spoke wheels standard.

Previously owned a right hand drive Audi 100 and a right hand drive Audi 80 while living in England from 1976 to 1984.

Dealer indicated the Q3 would be delivered in 90 days, and said I'd get updates, but I honestly don't need to hear anything unless it's going to be delayed.

The Q3 will primarily be for my wife's use. We shopped around for about a month looking at various small SUV's that would be about the right size for city driving, but still had all the modern technology tools one would expect in 2016. The Q3 was best at checking all the boxes we had assembled.

Primary drawback from my standpoint is the small size of the boot as I always carry my golf bag and folding golf push cart with me in case of just never know when you might come across a golf course that desperately needs playing.:cool:

I've appreciated many of the comments and tips about the Q3 on this forum in the weeks leading up to today's purchase. My wife was concerned at the small size of the console, but after seeing the small storage area left of the steering wheel and the small drawers under the seats that we only discovered because of this forum, she was convinced she'll have enough space to store the necessities.

I also read the misgivings about the lack of a seat memory, retractable screen, and Homelink (which we ordered as a PIO), but that didn't put us off buying the Q3.

The only question I have about the 2016 model is, twin exhaust or dual exhaust? The New York Auto Show pictures depict dual exhaust, but other pictures and a video I've seen from Germany show the twin exhaust on the left as on the 2015 model.....

The only question I have about the Q3 in general is the break-in there one? We are planning a 700 mile trip at 70-75 MPH about two days after we take delivery of the Q3....any problem?

I look forward to reading and contributing....

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First, welcome to post in the forum and for your new car. We are a great community and feel you'll find even more stuff about your Q3 while giving us some keen info too. I think we'll find the exhaust the same as our 2015 model. That's the normal route for the 2.0 TFSI, with the dual exhausts for the TDI which we won't get yet. Most of the pics (and cars at shows) have been of the TDI, but they may make another "distinction" for our market. We thought we'd be getting a 20 hp bump and the DSG too, but that did not come to pass either - yet.

As for break-in, don't fret - these days all engines are run at speed on the bench and in the car for a short period at the factory to consider breaking in - and even compared to engines just 10 years ago, newer bearings, rings and seals just don't need it. You'll be fine - I'd only offer a recommendation to change speeds for the first 2-300 miles a bit, say 60 - 70 - 80 mph for 15-20 minutes between changes or so, but if that's not practical, a little variability would help ... I wouldn't be concerned to run this engine up to say 5K rpm for 15-20 minutes either (e.g. put it in 5th for that period at say 70 mph) - Germans do it all the time and I've run these engines (the CCTA 2.0) at 6400 for hours (BOZ to Frankfurt and back) with NO issues - any German will tell you the same -
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