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Hey - we haven't heard from CortinaQ3 on his RSQ3 grill install yet (which I for one am still wishing to see), but meanwhile I'm building an S-line front bumper cover, and I just received MY Chinese copy of the grill. It's really not too bad, all the right parts are there including RSQ3 badges for both the grill and car (neither of which I'll use, as my car was de-badged before it was PDId).

It's not quite the quality of an Audi part for sure, and assembly was not as careful, but overall for about half the price shipped ($350), before shipping of the German part ($800), not bad at all - and based on size, shipping this pup would be at least another $100. So in the end, it's almost a third the price.

I must say the grill will look good without the license plate blank (lucky me in SC, we don't run front tags) and when I got the S-line parts, I got a cover for behind the grill - that whole open look should be great. Oh, and while the site says it won't fit the S-line bumper cover, looks like it will to me. It looks to be designed to fit the standard grill NOT the real RS, so it should fit fine. We'll see. Stay tuned...
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