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Cruise control doesn't work on hills?

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Today I had to go down some steep hills while my cruise control was on and noticed that my Q3 didn't brake to maintain the set speed of 62. I had to use the brakes to keep it from just coasting down the hill. I have never had a vehicle do this! Is this the way it is supposed to work? I just have standard cruise control.
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This is cool - by my understanding is Active anything is up to the DRIVER. Passive anything else may be done by the car. Owner's manual notwithstanding (and the fine print excuses any/all errors) as far as I know, the Q3 for the US does NOT have a brake assist for cruise control and mine does not use the brake either. Also, I know of NO car in this price segment including both the Lexus or the Merc that does offer this as standard equipment. I believe it is available in the Merc (for about $2500) but not even in the Lexus...
I had a nice trip to Charleston and used my cruise control. It actually worked VERY well, but I can't say I had significantly steep or long downhill grades to contend with. That being said, I read my manual and noticed the same stuff referred to above. I am now wondering if there really is a braking action integrated into the system that I was unaware of.

I will check with my tech tomorrow on this and post back afterwards. Meanwhile though I can report that MY car seemed to behave very well under cruise (+/- 2 mph) at 84 mph (and 27,8 mpg) with SprintBooster on red.
No news from Area Tech yet (plus I've been out of the country for 10 days), but in my dialog with techs, found no one who could explain the way the manual was written (2016s do NOT have the same text, so my guess is that the revision was to fix this bad reference.) Other Audi systems most notably Pre-Sense and Adaptive Cruise DO use the brakes to control approach speeds to other cars, objects etc. and could use them to "maintain" cruise speed too, but as noted above, that's hardly an efficiency game unless the speed differential gets very wide (~20% or so) for safety's sake, and then hill descent could (if switched on) work. So my almost final opinion is that there is no adaptive braking standardly (nor optionally either really) available on the Q3's cruise control.

Lastly, this kind of typo or bad translation (could be) is hardly a comparison for inclusion in Dieselgate IMHO ...
Prolly not much really - perhaps a bit more coding - but the real bottom line is they have a disclaimer in the manual for typos and such as this - and really, since 95% of ALL other cruise controls do NOT use the brakes, it could hardly be considered a safety fault worthy of mass hysteria or recall or even a note to all owners imho...
You knew all this (me too btw - although I got the HomeLink) except for perhaps the cruise control thing, so why did you even buy the car? Still hope you enjoy it in a positive way otherwise enjoy your next BMW or Merc then ...
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