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Cruise control doesn't work on hills?

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Today I had to go down some steep hills while my cruise control was on and noticed that my Q3 didn't brake to maintain the set speed of 62. I had to use the brakes to keep it from just coasting down the hill. I have never had a vehicle do this! Is this the way it is supposed to work? I just have standard cruise control.
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My cruise works as expected.
Does "as expected" mean that braking done by cruise control is used to slow the vehicle down or that you the driver used the brakes?
more on cruise control

I can't believe that a vehicle like this is behind in the "cruise control technology"! I am not some newbie in the world of supposed luxury vehicles. I have driven BMWs and Mercedes for the last 25 yrs at least. Maybe this is just a small thing but I would have liked someone to tell me about it. Our dealer today didn't have any answers and just started talking about adaptive cruise which is an entirely different thing.

I really like this Audi and think it "fits" me perfectly. However I was not happy to discover this today!
NO vehicle I have ever owned applies the brakes on an overrun. None. Maybe late year adaptive cruise does. Typical cruise control would not know of following cars, or if roads were icy or gravel so applying brakes could be dangerous.

What vehicle/year did you own which applied the brakes without adaptive cruise control?
My local Audi tech just told us that I possibly need a firmware update. I was traveling on a hilly country road, not coming down the side of a mountain, and my speed should have been maintained. My husband has traveled this stretch of road many times in his Mercedes GLK, with standard cruise, and has not had to apply the brakes. Bottom line is the vehicle should maintain a set speed within a few miles per hour when going down a hill.
I live in a rural area where we very often use cruise control on our country roads. With little traffic I set it somewhere between 55 and 60. I would not expect to use it on city streets. My recent previous vehicles were a Mercedes E350, and 2 CLKs. Never encountered this with those cars.
here is someone talking about the same thing on Audizine: My owner's manual specifically states that the cruise control system employs Active Braking to maintain the set speed.

I am assuming this means going downhill, it will use the brakes to maintain the speed, since the transmission won't downshift to use engine braking. My cruise control does not do this.

I took the service adviser at my local Audi dealership on a ride, where we were going 65mph down a hill with the cruise control set at 50mph. She told me that wasn't how Active Braking worked, but couldn't explain how it actually worked. I told her that a cruise control system that cannot maintain a set speed is useless. She then tried to blow me off by telling me that the owner's manual is generic, and the features do not apply to all vehicles (duh). I asked her to show me where it says it's part of a package or an option, and she couldn't. She proceeded to tell me that if the brakes are overheated, the system will not use Active Braking, which is true. I find it hard to believe that the brakes would be overheated when I'm barely using them, and every time I go down this hill.

I just want my cruise control to work. I have reached out to Audi USA to find out what their definition of Active Braking is, and what parameters are necessary for it to engage. But please tell me I'm not crazy, and it should be maintaining speed downhill - somehow...
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So if John's holds its speed both up and down hills, shouldn't mine as well!

DampDuffer: the long post about the dealer was a post I found on Audizine describing the same problem. I don't want to come across as being too negative about my least not yet!
My dealer says the foreman of his service dept is going to some sort of meeting and will bring up the issue. I've had my Q3 for 6 months and never noticed this until I had to take a 50 mile trip along country roads to see my podiatrist after bunion surgery. I asked my husband if he noticed it when driving me to or home from surgery but he doesn't remember. Most of the time I drive around town and never use cruise.

This might be a little quirk but since this is my first Audi in many years (early 70's!) I am thinking I will look long and hard at my next vehicle--I already have found the lack of memory settings for the seats and no built in garage door opener a bit of a pain.

And just in case you are wondering about my experience, I have driven everything from a Boss 302 Mustang to several BMWs, Mercedes, and trucks.
We contacted Audi customer care and have spoken to them twice. They said they would look into it and get back to us. When we received a second call they wanted me to bring the vehicle to the dealer so someone could drive it. We told them that the Q3s at the dealer were doing the same thing and mine was not unique. So now a second "customer care" guy is going to "look into it". We are now waiting for our third call.
Audi customer care has called us again and said "blah blah blah!" If someone had just said that this is the way the cruise control works I would have been much happier. Quite frankly I don't know how you can tell me that the some of the Q3 vehicles have different standard cruise control systems than others!!! I am convinced that none of these people know what they are talking about! So. after some thought about my previous cars, I like the size and utility of the Q3, but NO seat memory, NO garage door opener, and now this quirk! Sorry all you Audi lovers out there. Back to BMW and Mercedes next time around!
I did not know about the garage door opener until we got the vehicle home after our salesperson said we had to be at home to program it and then discovered that it didn't exist! The seat memory did not seem like a big thing until these other things popped up. I am probably being overly critical right now because of all the bull**** that has come our way.

And as I was just about to post this I saw something about the license plate! We had to go back to the dealer so the front grill could be switched out and then the holes did not even come close to matching up!
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