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Cruise control Speed Settings problem

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Just upgraded my wifes 8yo Q5 to a Q3 sports back and its a nice car but there are 3 issues I have a problem with and im interested if anyone else has a solution.
1. When I set cruise control and I want to adjust my set speed, I only want to adjust the speed setting by 1 k at a time but when i bump the CC stick up or down it jumps by 10ks. This is pointless, I just need a small increment, is this a setting I can make?
2. This 'auto turning off when stopped' function, surely this is selectable to be "always" disabled. Its just a selection memory. having to disable it every single time is annoying.
We had the same issue with our previous audi and I would have thought the tech heads would have fixed this over the last 8 years, have they?
3 Another issue is the seats, also nothing has changed since we bought our previous audi. Is may be just me (and my wife) but I dont get a sore lower back in ANY other car, just when we take the wife's audi for more than a couple of hours. It was in the Q5 and its still here in the Q3 8 years later.

As said, its a very nice car but disapointed to find these issues still a problem, or doesn't anyone else find these an issue?
Thanks in advance
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