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It's one of my favourite sport games. I started to play it in my teen years so I had really enough practice in it and my skills now are really good, especially for an amateuer player. I think that it's possible to learn how to play it for everybody but it demands patience and much practice so usually people who really like this game become the best players in it.
There are many useful tips about golf playing in net, just try to look through them and use. But as I said above your the most important things will be much practice and patience.
I can recommend you to find a teaching pro for individual or group lessons, it's the best decision for learning the basics. You can also start from the group lessons and later after learning the basics continue with the individual lessons, online courses can be helpful in this case too.

Choose and buy a good golf equipment (the good one isn't the most expensive one, especially for the beginners) and get fitted to your clubs, it's one of the main things for a good golf player and their types can affect the game greatly .
Have also enough practice with drills because they're very helpful for improving your feeling of swings. They'll help you to improve your posture and making better swings later in general.
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