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Does the Audi Q3 have Auto-Hold / Hold Assist?

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I have an empty switch plate cover behind the emergency brake switch and was wondering if the Europe / Asian variants have the auto-hold feature there. It seems like this capability exist because software will hold the car on a hill, but there is no way to activate it by hand. I would like to have the option (if possible for North America) since it would help with some current knee pain. Thoughts?

For example: Something like the item in this ebay post:
Ebay - ebrake/auto-hold switch
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Any update? I decided to buy the combo brake/hold switch assembly found on Europe variants. I am hoping the vehicle is already proxied for it as there is similar functionality already running under the hill assist capability. Maybe the same ECU handles it and maybe it doesnt have a different / special build. Lets see.
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