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I have two kids who, through constant stepping on the rear passenger and driver side door weather stripping seal have caused said wetherstripping/seal to tear. The tearing has exposed the internal metal rod at the center of the weather stripping and some rust has accumulated. The dealer agreed to replace at no charge under warranty but only on a one time basis. If it happens again I will have to bear the cost.

I have had the weather stripping/ seal replaced but if in the future I wanted to do the repair myself and save the $300.00 per hour (times 2 hours) the dealer would charge I would like to do it myself.

The service rep said I would have to remover the panel covering the B and C pillars and drop the headliner to access the channel to feed the weather stripping through.

Anyone have access to the pages of the service/repair manual that explains how to do this or can explain the procedure to me? I would imaging it would consist of some prying off of the pillar covers and unclipping the headliner near the rear doors.

Any help is appreciated.
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