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Finally getting myself on here - life been very busy. Just wanted to let other people know what happened.
Long story short - bought my new Q3 (no lease)- 860 miles later- check engine light came on-dealer said Camshaft problem they gave me a Q5 loaner. Almost had a break down at the dealship-new car with a camshaft problem 2 weeks later my car was ready.
Dealership said sorry can't do anything. I raised **** with Audi Corporate and told them in a very nice way I did not want the car and was going to sell it. How was looking forward to the AUDI EXPERIENCE (my 1st one)
I never asked for my money back I just told them I wanted a new car not this one. After a almost 2 months of me calling every other day, once a week my case finally came up.............
And AUDI awarded me with a new car!! Which had more upgrades (home link, walnut wood interior) than my original car at no cost.
So all those who have that camshaft problem don't settle! Make a case and make those calls!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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