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hey guys, i hope that admin will see this and possibly fix the issues, most likely not tho. (from past experience admin will not because this is their site and dont really care to change things when presented options, i was a moderator before)
if anyone has things to offer please chime in and give us some negatives and positives of your own or even if you see what i have posted and feel the same way.

so far i have been on here trying the forum out for a while now and have experience some positives and negatives.
i do hope the admin will fix it but again i doubt it will happen.

i have been on many forums and also have been a moderator on one before, so i have seen a lot.

lets start with the positives.
the site looks great and admin has kept the site friendly and helpful.
no one is fighting and causing issues. this is how a forum should function as a community. sadly other larger ones dont seem to fix that issue. im looking at you audizine.

now the negatives.
the password. 10 character requirements is a large amount to demand. this is supposed to be our personal choice and making us do that much is a pain as most of my passwords are not that long. so i tend to forget this password and have to reset it when i log in. i dont know how many of you guys have had issues with using our own pw without all these requirements but if you do then it should be your choice to create this 10 char pw. for the rest that dont have problems it should be where we can use any pw we like.

these are the password requirements:
Must be at least 10 characters
Must contain lower-case characters
Must contain upper-case characters
Must contain numbers
Must contain symbols

this makes me feel like im logging into my bank account or online credit account, which are way more important to secure. actually my own bank account and credit card online account doesnt even have this much requirements.

the edit function. many other sites lets us users edit the post anytime. so i make a ton of posting mistakes and i will usually like to go back and edit my writing days later. it hasnt been an issue with many other sites so why block it here.

site loading. i noticed that using this site, its a little slower than other sites i use. this issue tends to effect more of those who have a slower network speed. im not sure how this can be fixed but do know that some sites do work slower so this is not uncommon. it might be because more images or files are needed to run the forum. im not a tech on this sort of thing but i have just experienced these slow sites before. this site is not the slowest for me but its in the middle when compared to normal to slow loading sites. i have exited from sites with slow loading forums and never used them again. i do hope this site can find ways to run faster for us slow internet speed users.

for these reasons i dont really like to use this forum much but its the only forum for a dedicated audi q3 at the moment. i dont really see anyone creating a new one as this is such a niche car.
another thing is, admin should relax a bit and release their control. i will continue to lean on using other forum sites more in the mean time because of these constraints on us. im just one user and probably they dont care but the squeaky wheel will get the grease. :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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