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Front Grille Upgrade/Removal - anybody done it yet?

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Hello all,

Just wondering if anyone's looked into/removed their front grille yet. I've got an RS Q3 grille incoming for the fiance's Q3, and was just wondering if there are any hidden screws or tips anyone knows about. The part just cleared customs in NY today, so hopefully it'll be here soon! If nobody has done so already, I'll be sure to create a well documented DIY thread for everyone :)
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It's a bumper/fender off job to change the grille.
As I understand it, the RSQ3 grille will fit an SE bumper, but not an SLine bumper?
Having had a quick look at photos, not very scientific I know, I think the RSQ3/SE grille is shorter in height than the S-Line grille.

I think this is also apparent in the trim UNDER the grill, in the S-Line it is much shorter in height than the SE/RSQ3 (Indeed the RSQ3 has the word QUATTRO written under the grille, demonstrating the height).

As said, I'm happy to be proven wrong... Indeed I would like the RSQ3 grille on my S-Line Plus :)
Fitted yet?
Pics of a rear bumper removal, the arches clip in (and are stucking using sticky pads).
It looks like you prise the arch away from the bumper, the clips are perpendicular to the join.
I'd use plastic trim tools to split them apart rather than metal tools to avoid marking.
1 - 7 of 67 Posts
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