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Front Grille Upgrade/Removal - anybody done it yet?

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Hello all,

Just wondering if anyone's looked into/removed their front grille yet. I've got an RS Q3 grille incoming for the fiance's Q3, and was just wondering if there are any hidden screws or tips anyone knows about. The part just cleared customs in NY today, so hopefully it'll be here soon! If nobody has done so already, I'll be sure to create a well documented DIY thread for everyone :)
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Nice - looking forward to pics and play by play - btw, how much did the bad boy grill cost ?
Did you get the RSQ front bumper surround as well? I'm looking for that or just the S-Line version too...
As I understand it, the RSQ3 grille will fit an SE bumper, but not an SLine bumper?
I would think that all grills fit all bumpers. That's true (mostly) on all the other models. The internal parts behind the grills need consistency that the bumper covers do too, but once you're outside those points of common, especially the sculptured surfaces (where the differences usually lie) they're free. Btw, fog light parts (grills and surrounds) are usually different too, but the lamp housings the same...
If the RSQ grille won't fit an S-line, then I'd find it hard to imagine/believe it would fit the "regular" bumper cover either. We in the US don't have an "SE" so I have no idea what that means. From the Audi EKTA, I can see 4 bumper covers : one for the regular line, one for the S-line, one for the India/China regular line, and the RS. For the first three, the grills seem to be the same size and have all the same mounting points. The RS has them in the same places as well, but the RS bumper cover is deeper - like on the RS7 to allow for that enlarged lower vent where they optionally place the "quattro" badge. It's not clear from the illustrations - they're drawings - about the grill itself size, even if the mounting points are the same. So it's conceiveable to me that the grill itself, mounting points notwithstanding could be shorter in height - but reviewing the other bumper covers, leads me to think it (the RS grill) won't fit ANY other cover than the RS.

The other thing I notice from the link above for an RSQ3 grill for $399 - is it is NOT an Audi part at all, but rather a duplicated (counterfeit) piece from China. This is quite common actually and extends to MANY Audi parts - even window regulators, motors etc. So, in their 'creativeness', the manufacturers could've actually resized this part to fit the normal bumper covers - then why it doesn't fit the S-line one is a mystery ...

Since CortinaQ3 has one and by now may have tried to install it, I'm kinda anxious to see what he's found out and if successful ... Hope so to see pics of before/after and during -
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@CoCoPops - could you measure the height of your S-Line grill, please. I'll check the regular one and compare. I challenged one of the RSQ3 grill suppliers on their statement and they just said "as we know," then they followed up a day later with, "it DOES fit S-Line and Sport cars." So now, I m a bit more definitively curious.

I'm also holding my breath for CortinaQ3 to publish his swap for us. If the grills do in fact interchange, which I believe they should, then we could all have grill swapping parties reminiscent of what I'd done with my B8. Btw, I saw also on eBay the lower vent grill with the word "quattro" on it as in the RS too. It was $199 though ...prolly cheaper than Audi.
Hey thanks for the update - don't risk your life. We mostly know from where this comes - I'll have the same concerns, which is one reason I really appreciate pioneers like yourself (you know, the ones with arrows often in their backs - hah!).

Please take pics of the install, whether yourself or at the dealer, so we can see. And good luck with the wedding too -
It's not so bad really, just taking care is the most significant part - and btw, you don't need to take out the headlights - I didn't...
@Otto : You wanna buy a whole (new - 160 miles) stock front bumper cover with grill? PM me ...
Quick question: Looking at the info...What did you find to fit the upgrade and what didn't as far as the grills... Seems like there's a bunch of them on Ebay. Some RS version and some without any logo on the front.

Also, I'm curious if you were going to upgrade the fog lights to the mesh grill too? I saw some also on Ebay looks like they were for the Q5 though...
See my thread in this sub-forum on "Creating the first NAR Q3 S-line" for some exact details (with pics) on this ...
@CortinaQ3 : you are correct about the S-line bumper cover - I think the RS grill woud've fit the stock bumper cover just fine... even the supplier was unsure about the S-line fitment and said so in his add - but I took the risk after checking the measurements.
Mind if I jump on that first?! Haha, I will be moving to Arlington, VA coming July and maybe we can grab beer/lunch afterwards. :laugh:

So lucky MD doesn't need front plate!
Spread the word on a definite date and maybe you'll get several folks for a "Tech Session" and some drive-ins too ...;) I can bring some dawgs for the grill...
It will definitely be a six-pack!

Do you think sometime early August weekend works for you? I will be in Arlington, VA so a drive up to anywhere MD will be a breeze.

Let me know!

Sounds good to me - I got dawgs and some beer ... and some folks even think I'm an okay wrench - >:D
I'm finally in Arlington, VA and I am picking up the car tomorrow. The grill is already in my living room! (receiving a mean stare from my wife)

So when will it work best for you Cortina?

Let me know!

I will PM you my number so we can shoot texts. :)
Post on the forum - maybe a few folks will drive in to make it a party - or at least a tech session - heck, I might come on up :nerd:
So the grill can just be swapped out?(And I'm not the only one who hates the all-black glossy grill?!) I really wish it just had silver, like all the previous grills. Anybody know about aluminum clips that can supposedly be attached to the louvers?
I have heard of a lot of things - but "aluminum clips ...attached to the louvers" is NOT one of them - What exactly do you mean? I don't of ANYTHING like that for Audis - Is this a JC Whitney kinda thang?
So these are Audi parts ? Now I'm REALLY curious ...
Although I adore my new Q3, I am not a fan of the wheels it comes with. Anybody know if these gorgeous A6 wheels would fit the Q3?

Your wheels are 8.5x19 ET 43 wheels and these you like are I believe 8.5x19 ET45 wheels (P/N : 4G0 601 025 BG @$495 each) - I think they would easily fit and cause no problems. Talk with your dealer and see if they'd be willing to swap with an A6 customer or even a new car. Confirm tire size though - you have 255/40 R19s and I'm not sure what the A6 has on those wheels but I think may be 255/35 R19s - not a big difference, but you should stick with your tire/wheel OD for best results and speedometer/odometer readings ...
You should be able to get them for about $370 each - not really that bad ...
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