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My 2015 has never been quite on top of traffic changes when it comes to route selection, but today reached a new low.

From my house to work offers three primary routes (ie ways to get across the river) - I-75 , I-275/I-471, or I-275 clear around the city. Despite the fact that I-75 was shutdown, the Q3 put my best option as I-75. I took I-275/I-471 and watched the GPS attempt to route me back to the closed freeway. Fine, I kept driving.
After crossing the river, the GPS now tries to divert me repeatedly onto a back road WAY out of my way. I assumed there was another problem ahead, but I stuck to my guns and ignored my GPS. I never hit any traffic.

So, I'm not sure what data the GPS was getting, but Audi needs to look to a more reliable data source for traffic data. I never had this much trouble with my Garmin with FM based traffic data.
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