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I?m Laura, this is my story - In December 2016, as a result of the VW diesel debacle, I gave my 2013 White/tan TDI Beetle back to VW. I loved driving my Beetle and cried when I it at the dealership.
I looked at almost everything, a friend found this 2016 Floret Silver/black Audi 3 CPO with 5k miles at a local dealer and I bought it. The A3 is FANTASTIC! I love it. I have been a German car owner many times and am rarely disappointed.
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Hey Laura - hope you really like your car - but is it an A3 or a Q3? Either way, welcome to the Q3 Forum where we focus mostly on the Q3, but as you'll see, several of us have more than one Audi, so we're ALL family ... ;-)
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