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Hello from Akron, Ohio!

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Hello everyone!

We ordered our Q3 in late September. Florett Silver Matallic, Prestige package and Quattro with black interior and headliner. Its currently being built and we cant wait for it to arrive. We love our A5 and while my wife was looking for a new car we test drove the Q3 and that was it, we didnt need to look any further. Anyway I have to get back to work now but I just wanted to say hello!!! Bye for now and I look foreward to lots of future discussions!!!

p.s. I have to admit I am concerned on when those winter mats will be available!!
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Congratulations on the new car! Here's hoping it gets here soon. :)
Thanks, I love your color choice!!!:)
Congrats dude. I hope that it arrives soon.

Are you planning on getting the Weathetech mats or are you talking about ones made by Audi?
How bad are winters were you're located?
Do you think you'll be able to get away with using the factory rubber mats or would you need something that covers everything like weather tech mats ?
Welcome to the forum, I'll be checking on the mats and the screen mechanics tomorrow. Hope you enjoy your car when it comes, hope to see mine Wednesday...
Thanks for the warm welcome!!
I am very much looking forward to the new Q3. It will actually be my wifes but I will get to enjoy it too!!! As far as winter here in Akron they are usually somewhat nasty, not Buffalo NY nasty but losts of snow and salt (we have had over a foot of snow so far this season). As far as rubber mats go I will probably purchase whichever come out first!!! I am pretty good at keeping the cars clean and the Audi mats in my A5 have been fine but that being said I tend to drive my wifes current car (Jeep Liberty) whenever I can when its nasty out. We are planning on keeping the Jeep just for that reason.

Again, thanks for the welcome and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Welcome aboard!
Let us know what you wife thinks of it when she finally gets to drive it.
Hi Ohio Joe, here in NYC suburbs I am getting my own floret silver tomorrow!! Premium plus. Grey interior. Can't wait!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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